How Kreato Unlocked 8,800 Growth Opportunities With SugarCRM

Published: June 28, 2024

Kreato, a player in Colombia’s dynamic construction industry, specializes in the development and manufacturing of prefabricated concrete products that mimic nature. The company’s products are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of urban parks and tourist attractions across Colombia, including Bogotá’s Movistar Arena, the Salt Park of Zipaquirá and the Colombo French School in La Calera.

The Challenge

Driving Kreato’s work is the desire to develop close and long-lasting relationships with its customers. However, fragmented data, dispersed ownership and lack of a centralized system for sharing business intelligence topped the list of challenges for Kreato to achieve a complete picture of the business.

“Before I joined the company, Kreato used Excel to handle everything,” said Sandra Ramírez, Commercial Coordinator at Kreato. “All the information was stored in the minds of commercial reps who had direct contact with the client. The company felt it did not have all the information it needed.”

Further, Kreato was struggling to quantify the clients and the opportunities. Although it had worked with tenders in the public sector for over a decade, the company still found it challenging to identify key opportunities in advance. As construction projects take time and leads need to be nurtured for years, Kreato needed to foster those opportunities for years to understand its clients’ purchasing behavior.

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While sales reps had deep knowledge of Kreato’s clients, there wasn’t a centralized system for sharing business intelligence. Any information Kreato had was managed through spreadsheets and limited what the company could do with its sales data. Sales reps had to manually create charts, graphs and pivot tables to generate meaningful insights.

In addition, with data in spreadsheets or sales reps’ memories, Kreato couldn’t integrate its sales information with other tools, like marketing automation platforms or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This limited the company’s ability to synchronize data across systems, automate data entry and streamline processes. Moreover, critical information was lost every time a sales rep left the company, which created difficulty in maintaining continuity with clients.

The Solution

Kreato started looking for a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to serve as a home for its customer data and quantify everything sales-related to gain an accurate projection of its pipeline.

Kreato deployed Sugar Sell, the AI-powered sales automation solution from SugarCRM.

Sugar Sell empowers Kreato to develop close, lasting relationships with customers, including some of Colombia’s biggest names in construction such as Constructora Bolívar, Constructora Colpatria and Amarilo. Kreato enlisted the CRM expertise of Sugar partner SASA to implement Sugar Sell to meet its business and industry needs.

With Sugar Sell, Kreato now has intelligent account management. With more than 700 active customers daily, Kreato relies on Sugar Sell to manage customer data and interactions, empowering its sales teams with valuable sales insights key to building stronger relationships and delivering personalized experiences.

Predictive analytics capabilities enable the company to measure sales performance, identify key opportunities and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth and success. Additionally, Sugar Sell’s user-friendly interface streamlines Kreato’s sales process, allowing sales representatives to manage leads, monitor opportunities, and track sales outcomes efficiently and accurately.

The Results

Sugar Sell does the work to integrate Kreato’s CRM and ERP data to supercharge sales success, drive intelligent account management and deliver personalized experiences to every client. As a result, Kreato has uncovered more than 8,800 new sales opportunities, while revolutionizing its sales processes and driving business growth.

“Sugar has provided invaluable support to Kreato to transform our sales processes and achieve our business objectives to build customers for life and ensure no opportunity is missed,” said Ramírez. “With Sugar, we now have a centralized sales automation tool that integrates our CRM data with our marketing automation platform and ERP system. This allows us to synchronize data across systems, automate data entry and significantly streamline processes. Moreover, critical information is never lost. With Sugar, we have identified more than 8,800 new opportunities and with intelligent account management through comprehensive insights into our business and customers.”

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