Rainmaker Adds Cloud-Based Enhancements To B2B E-Commerce Solution

Published: February 10, 2012

A recent study, conducted by BtoB Magazine and commissioned by Rainmaker, identified a real opportunity in the e-commerce market, “As B2B e-commerce moves to center of the purchasing stage, B2B companies need to create a bona fide B2B store online, featuring both a multi-channel approach and the kind of direct sales assistance that are not generally associated with B2C e-Commerce. The ability to control the store, channel-friendly direct selling and enabling various payment methods are just a few of the other characteristics that help to separate a B2B store, not just from the B2C space, but from direct competitors,” the study noted.

“Rainmaker’s SaaS approach to e-Commerce puts control in our clients’ hands, a key differentiator,” said James Chung, Chief Technology Officer at Rainmaker, in a press release. “We focus on delivering solutions that increase revenue and enable our clients’ success. Our B2B e-Commerce solutions provide our clients the foundation to succeed as B2B e-Commerce continues to evolve.”

In January 2012, Rainmaker reported the first enhancement to its B2B e-Commerce solution focused on driving online sales and renewals of products, subscriptions and training for clients and their channel partners. The new enhancement integrates B2B focused technology with business process and sales expertise while specializing in efficiently selling into its clients’ hard to reach middle market. 

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