2019 State Of Video & Interactive Content

B2B Content Creators Fueling Engagement & Generating Deeper Buyer Insights With Video, Interactive Formats

Modern buyers who have grown accustomed to watching YouTube and Netflix in their consumer lives now expect the same visual experiences in B2B. Therefore, progressive companies such as OMI and SOC Telemed are incorporating video and interactive content throughout their sales funnel to meet prospect expectations.

Research from Demand Gen Report shows that 86% of buyers prefer interactive content they can access on demand and 80% say they will spend up to 20 minutes watching video content. To capture buyer attention and break through digital noise, B2B companies are reassessing their marketing strategy and focusing more on videos and interactive mediums to engage potential customers prior to them raising their hand.

In this special report, readers will learn:

  • The benefits of creating interactive and video content;
  • How marketers can use video and interactive assets to not only drive engagement, but also generate better buyer insights;
  • New approaches for incorporating videos into your sales and marketing campaigns; and
  • How OMI incorporated video content into its go-to-market strategy and increased engagement by more than 5X

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