6 Proven Methods To Drive B2B Demand With Better Business Data

Successful demand generation strategies are dependent on actionable data.

This E-book examines how recent innovations in B2B data have led to six strategies for improving demand generation, including customer use cases from Oracle, Snowflake, FedEx and other top brands explaining how it all comes together.

Grab a copy now to learn how these top brands are turning data into a strategic advantage by:

  • Using data to identify new accounts and use intelligence for relevant outreach;
  • Supporting better messaging with real-time data;
  • Pinpointing specific buyers and contacts that have pain points aligned with a specific solution;
  • Better understanding a company’s business and technology landscape;
  • Bolstering modeling accuracy to impact key metrics such as deal size and time-to-close; and
  • Making more informed decisions on financial risks and personalizing outreach.

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