Discerning B2B Buyers Rely On Vendor Knowledge, In-Depth Research & Peer Reviews To Guide Buying Decisions

“The 2024 B2B Buyer’s Survey”

Given the near-constant economic volatility over the past few years and the ongoing tech explosion, it’s nearly impossible to find an aspect of business that’s remained unscathed. Due to a conglomerate of external and internal factors, the trajectory of modern buying experiences has evolved with the times. According to the “2024 B2B Buyer Behavior Benchmark Survey,” the two biggest impacts of the market landscape on B2B research and buying habits include:

  • Purchase delays due to budget freezes 34%
  • Fostering an environment that requires more hands-on attention and engagement from solution providers 26%

With the lens clearly tightening on spending across the board, this survey report will analyze the current habits of B2B buyers, with a focus on the steps needed to advocate for solutions and prove their value. Specifically, this report will:

  • Provide a generalized overview of the average B2B buying timeline;
  • Uncover where and how buyers are researching purchases, with a focus on the role of social media and growing influence of online advertisements;
  • Share buyers’ tactical, step-by-step approaches to engaging with vendors once they decide what solution they’d like to purchase; and
  • Break the third wall with insights from B2B buyers into how vendors and solution providers can enhance their processes and create a more seamless experience.

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