Strategic ABM Gifting: A CMO’s Silver Bullet To Engage The Enterprise

In the remote work era, prospects crave humanized experiences more than ever. It’s not surprising, then, that 83% of consumers feel positive about receiving packages. Buyers and customers see specialized gifts from organizations as tokens of appreciation. On the organizational side, gifting accelerates account-based marketing (ABM) efforts and helps build trust. But many enterprise-level execs are neglecting to marry the two powerhouse strategies, resulting in missed opportunities to strengthen relationships with key clients and targets.

Sending gifts is as easy as purchasing a $5 Starbucks E-gift card, but scaling isn’t. As organizations’ sending strategies evolve into physical and direct gifting models, a high level of skill and expertise is required to maintain budgets and ensure return on investment (ROI). With hybrid and remote work models here to stay, building relationships with clients and targets is more important than ever. How can marketing and sales professionals use gifting campaigns effectively to best support ABM?

In this E-book, we’ll discuss:

  • The best ways to leverage enterprise-level gifting to build stronger relationships with the accounts that matter;
  • Why enterprise-level organizations must track sending across multiple departments and credit cards to demonstrate ROI on relationship-building;
  • How to elevate sending strategies from holiday specialties to year-round events that celebrate targets’ anniversaries, birthdays, personal and professional milestones and more; and
  • The importance of starting small and experimenting with gifting before turning to a system to automate time-consuming sending tasks.

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