Building Content-Driven Relationships Using Data

Published: November 11, 2015

OneSpot‘s Content Sequencing platform is designed to help marketers build content-driven relationships by personalizing and sequencing content based on user history, interests and stages of the buyer’s journey.


OneSpot now extends engagement across website, e-mail, mobile, social and paid digital channels. Making approximately one trillion content placement predictions per day, OneSpot provides marketers with access to more than 36 million impressions per minute.

Targeted Users

OneSpot targets the marketing and business executives of Fortune 200 brands in the technology, CPG and financial services sectors.


OneSpot integrates with platforms and services (i.e. CMS, ESP, CRM platforms), can be connected with first and third-party data sources and is designed to be integrated via a tag-based implementation approach.

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Delivery/Pricing Models

The expanded OneSpot solution is currently available on a SaaS annual contract basis.

Competitive Positioning

The OneSpot Content Sequencing platform is an integrated solution purpose-built for delivering cross-channel personalization of branded editorial content, helping brands build content-driven one-to-one relationships by personalizing and sequencing content to individuals across website, email, mobile, social and paid channels.

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