RingLead Offers Data Deduplication And Standardization

Published: November 25, 2014

RingLead is a tool designed to analyze, remove, merge and prevent Salesforce duplicates, including leads, contacts and accounts.


The solution offers a full suite of applications positioned to remove existing duplicates and prevent the creation of new duplicates via three entry points:

  • List import;
  • Web form submission; and
  • Manual entry.


Fields can be updated without any data loss based on defined rules. Campaign and lead assignment supported. Task/email notification alerts record owner dupe was attempted.

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The solution is cloud-based; no software required. RingLead also has customs integrations with:

  • Salesforce;
  • ExactTarget;
  • Marketo;
  • Microsoft Dynamics; and
  • Pardot.



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Competitive Positioning

RingLead can also warn users directly within Salesforce — as they type — when they are entering a duplicate lead, contact, or account. Unique Entry will seek and display possible duplicate records as users manually enter information, intended to help keep current data accurate without unnecessary duplications.

There are also data standardization capabilities designed to provide a system that enforces data standards. There are several factors that cannot be controlled that can easily decrease the accuracy of contact data. The solution streamlines the standardization process so users can focus less on cleaning their data, and more time on closing deals.

Other benefits from RingLead’s data standardization include:

  • Proper case formatting (e.g. “john” and “JOHN” become “John”)
  • User-defined standardized job titles (e.g. “Dir. of Marketing” and “Marketing Director”)
  • Standardized state and country values (e.g. “New York”, “NY” and “ny”)
  • Standardized address values (e.g. “Street”, “St.” and “st”)


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