How #KeynoteInks Delivers Memorable Visuals For Marketing Event Attendees

Published: March 21, 2017

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In-person marketing events offer a whirlwind of information and insights to attendees to bring back to the rest of the team. But gathering key takeaways from every single session and presenting them to your colleagues as effectively as the speaker did can cause a person’s brain to explode! As a journalist covering the B2B marketing and sales space, and attending these marketing events myself, I feel your pain.

When you’re the one planning a marketing and sales event, it’s important to provide attendees with the tools they need to relive every session. Don’t get me wrong; providing audio files and videos of keynotes and major presentations definitely adds value. But how about something more visual and instantaneous that can complement an attendee’s notes? Enter: #KeynoteInks.

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When the team at Demand Gen Report began planning the 2017 B2B Marketing Exchange, one thing was for sure: we had to have marketing agency Quarry and artist Kelly Kingman back to create visual board recordings of the sessions in real-time. Kelly Kingman (a.k.a. KingmanInk) is a talented artist known for her visual notes. During, say, a keynote session at an event, Kingman follows along with a speaker’s presentation and quickly takes these notes, creating doodles and graphic illustrations of the key takeaways for a unique spin on classic notes that we’d normally take during a session. Because it is being drawn “in the moment,” attendees watch as the Keynote Ink is created and gain one more way to digest the session’s main takeaways. Cool, right?

Take a look at the #KeynoteInks from the 2017 B2B Marketing Exchange, including visual boards from speakers such as best-selling authors Jonah Berger, Scott Donaton from DigitasLBi and CEB’s Nick Toman, as well as Microsoft CMO Jeff Marcoux, and more! This Flipbook powered by Uberflip even includes video recordings of eight general sessions.

I’ve seen Kelly in action and can attest to the enhanced effect of her visual boards on event attendees during B2BMX. The number of pictures taken, tweets sent and compliments experienced is invaluable. Marketers can go back to their teams with a photo of Kelly’s art and present a unique, visual recap of a session, so the company can act on the insights immediately. It’s one thing to send attendees home with a rough document of words on a screen, iPhone pictures of individual slides or chicken-scratch from a notebook, but if you want them—and their colleagues back at the office—to have memorable takeaways from your event, these visual recap boards are sure to take the event experience to another level.

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