Livestorm Announces New Video Engagement Scoring System

Published: May 10, 2022

Livestorm, a video engagement platform, launched its first-ever Video Engagement Score™ (VES). VES is a new tool that allows event and meeting hosts to measure the impact of remote meetings and events through a unique scoring system.

VES optimizes scoring metrics by allowing organizers to look at key factors includinghow long attendees stayed, how many of the polls launched impacted engagement and how many overall messages, poll votes and questions were sent.

“Many companies find it difficult to measure the success of their events,” said Gilles Bertaux, Co-founder and CEO of Livestorm, in a statement. “Without a way to analyze the event elements, it’s hard to know if an event achieved its objectives. Video Engagement Scoring is an innovative way to determine whether events are having a real impact, so that future events can be better tailored.”

The average video engagement for virtual events of 100 to 500 people over a six-month period was estimated to be 53, according to Livestorm clients. Scores range from one to 100, making 70 and up a success with the highest recorded number coming in at 93.

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