SalesboxAI Launches Demand Unit-Centric Platform For Marketers

Published: March 28, 2022

SalesboxAI, a Conversational ABM platform, announced the release of their new Demand Unit-centric system for B2B and ABM marketers. Operating AI-powered assistants, SalesboxAI discovers active, in-market demand units by reaching buying groups across its advertising network.SalesboxAI Discover, SalesboxAI Engage and SalesboxAI Advertise are all included in the recently developed module.

The three driving forces behind Demand Unit Centric Platform include:

  • SalesboxAI Discover, designed to pinpoint active Demand Units from first-party intent signals from AI Assistants;
  • SalesboxAI Engage, which uses email, chat and social media to open the conversation for a more personalized consumer experience; and
  • SalesboxAI Advertise, which aims to run ABM ad campaigns to key buying group members to advance lead generation objectives.

“While the Demand Unit centric approach has been around for a few years, it was incredibly complex and resource intensive to implement,” said Alex Roy, Founder of SalesboxAI, in a statement. “SalesboxAI makes it super easy to discover, engage and prioritize Demand Units like never before.”

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