Scratchpad Reveals First RevOps Toolkit, Scratchpad Studio

Published: July 27, 2022

Scratchpad, Inc., a provider of workspaces for revenue teams, launched its first revenue operations (RevOps) toolkit – Scratchpad Studio. This product is designed to help revenue and sales operations leaders take the complexity out of their tech stack, drive process adoption and close the gap in data growing outside of Salesforce.

Poor process adherence and data hygiene, bad handoffs, unreliable forecasts, lost sales and customer churn are all qualities companies try to avoid. Scratchpad Studio seeks to help companies realize the value from their investments, gain better visibility into Salesforce updates, forecast more accurately and get reps ramped up faster.

Scratchpad Studio seeks to help RevOps teams:

  • Customize workflows with Role Designer for every salesperson on the revenue team;
  • Create battle cards, sales playbooks and intel for reps to use during customer calls;
  • Send actionable alerts to Slack and the Scratchpad Inbox;
  • Configure Scratchpad notes to automatically sync changes and updates to sales notes with Salesforce; and
  • Instantly see which opportunities are missing methodology details.

“Complexity is a monster that lives in every nook and cranny in almost every sales organization and it never stops feeding on new processes, changes in workflows, new rules, new hires, more systems and tools,” said Pouyan Salehi, Co-Founder and CEO of Scratchpad, exclusively to Demand Gen Report. “It just keeps growing and is the reason sales reps don’t update Salesforce; it’s why revenue teams struggle with attaining quota and why businesses don’t have the data they need to drive more predictable revenue.

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“Since the beginning, Scratchpad has focused on taking the complexity out of the workflows of salespeople. Now, we have a chance to do the same for RevOps. Scratchpad Studio is the first of its kind of RevOps toolkit designed to drive process adherence, improve data hygiene and provide visibility with fewer sales tools, all in a place salespeople love to work and are always connected to Salesforce.”

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