Using Real-Time Personalization To Engage Web Visitors

Published: February 18, 2014

To rise above the growing content noise, marketers are searching for ways to engage potential customers in a highly personalized manner.

In a recent webinar — titled Real-Time Personalization: How To Optimize Your Website And Boost Conversions Insightera discussed the benefits of real-time web site personalization and strategies for implementation.

“Real-time personalization is actually simpler than what a lot of people would expect,” said Mike Telem, Co-Founder of Insightera. “This is relatively new technology, but the fact is that you don’t have to make any changes to you web site or your mobile channels, and no IT is needed in order to successfully personalize in real time.”

Personalization is a method that incorporates behavioral data collected from the target audience, which in turn helps marketers segment and modify messaging and content in real time that will boost prospect engagement. One of the major aspects of personalization in real time is that it enables marketers “to engage and individualize the message to anonymous prospects, as well as known customers,” according to Telem.

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Telem added: “Up until now, most of the marketing efforts were targeted at known prospects. Obviously that’s an important audience, but the fact of the matter is that you do not want to portray the same generic message to every visitor.”

Data such as company size, industry, revenue, persona and stage in the buying journey are just some of the types of information that B2B marketers can utilize when implementing a real-time personalization strategy. Telem states that if a marketer can understand the “Three Ws” of his/her company, there is nothing stopping them from using that information to leverage personalized engagement.

The Three Ws to real-time personalization are:

  • Who your target audience is;
  • What content/resources are going to be personalized; and
  • Where this personalization will be taking place.

“The Three W’s build out the process to help move forward with personalization,” said Telem. “Thinking about who your target audience is, what resources you’d like to personalize, and where exactly you’d like to personalize are the key areas that can help businesses setup a real-time personalization strategy.”

Although it comes off as a simple matter of understanding your customer base, the concept of real-time personalization is something that marketers may struggle with on an internal level.

“I think that sometimes organizations still feel that this is something that is too futuristic, so getting the support of your organization — helping them understand that there is a new and efficient way to handle marketing — is one of the only challenges that marketers face when trying to implement a real-time personalization strategy.”

B2B marketers can use the Three Ws offer highly personalized engagement on all channels with minimal effort, Telem concluded.

Click here for an on-demand version of the webinar.

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