2023 Lead Nurturing & Acceleration Benchmark Survey: The Power Of Leveraging Multiple Campaigns & Touches

Lead nurturing is an intricate puzzle that’s compounded every day by a series of outside influences. As organizations walk the tightrope of mass layoffs and tightening budgets, it’s clear that effectively nurturing leads is becoming more challenging. As indicated in the “2023 Lead Nurturing Benchmark Survey,” 43% of marketers believed their lead nurturing strategies needed improvement, while only 31% rated their strategies as average.

But it’s not all bad news — 12% of practitioners indicated that their lead nurturing efforts are excellent. To identify where lead nurturing’s going right (and going wrong), this survey report will compare leaders (those who indicate that their lead nurturing initiatives are excellent or average) against laggards (those who need improvement and are poor/inadequate). Specifically,
we’ll uncover:

  • The new strategies marketers are deploying to refine their lead nurturing approaches and tactics, with insights into the specific content pieces that find the most success;
  • How organizations are measuring the success of their lead nurturing programs;
  • The new average duration of a nurture campaign, as well as the number of touches and cadences practitioners are leveraging; and
  • A glimpse into how marketers plan to innovate their lead strategies in the future.

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