Optimizely Launches New Performance Edge Tool Designed To Streamline Web Testing

Published: January 22, 2020

Optimizely’s Performance Edge, powered by Cloudflare Workers, is designed to provide the fast web experiments by moving key experimentation execution from the browser to the edge, aiming to help brands easily run more web experiments without compromising site performance or customer experience.


To deliver a smaller, faster-loading snippet, the company built an Experiment Delivery Network (EDN). Using the EDN, experiments render faster by moving experiment evaluation from the browser to a worker on the EDN. Optimizely can now deliver a micro-snippet with only the variations needed for that visitor.

The EDN transmits less data over the wire and executes less code in the browser. It is also designed to perform some of the more expensive A/B testing tasks in Cloudflare Workers. These serverless applications aim to execute much more quickly than browsers, particularly mobile.


Performance Edge is for anyone responsible for optimizing customer experience on their websites. Anyone can easily run experiments without coding expertise using Optimizely’s visual editor, now with faster performance.

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Performance Edge is compatible with all major Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and is agnostic to other systems like Content Management Systems (CMS). Visitor data from CRMs can be made available in a browser cookie to target visitor experiences.


Performance Edge will be available globally as a paid add-on for Optimizely Web. New customers can connect with Optimizely to learn more about how Performance Edge can help them increase experiment velocity while ensuring optimal site performance.


Performance Edge launched in early access in September 2019 and is already being used by Autotrader and other customers.


Performance Edge requires only one network call to render an experiment while other solutions require two, which impacts site performance. With this advancement, Performance Edge enables the industry’s fastest web experiments – on average in fewer than 50 milliseconds.


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