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Meet The Team

The Demand Gen Report editorial team is dedicated to providing readers with cutting-edge content on B2B marketing trends and demand generation strategies. Along with the DGR newsletter and web site, our team members are active social media advocates and industry thought leaders, actively participating in conversations and sharing the latest news on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Andrew Gaffney, President & Founder, Editorial Director

Story teller and publisher focused on helping brands create content that sparks conversations with their prospects.


Sal LoSauro, Publisher

"Seasoned" professional who has happily graduated from selling advertising to partnering with B2B marketers to help them achieve their marketing and lead gen goals through content marketing.


Brian Anderson, News Editor

An avid B2B journalist with a knack for all things trendy in the POS, mobile and social space.


Klaudia Tirico, Associate Editor

Retail & B2B marketing writer, Jersey dweller, animal lover, fashion + beauty aficionado and obsessive shopper still waiting on her Hogwarts acceptance letter.


Mike Santos, VP of Digital Marketing

Modern day marketer who has a love for taking old-school marketing and remixing it with new school thought.


Devin McDonnell, Director of Demand Generation

Passionate Marketer with a knack for finding the creative side of everything...including analytics.


Michael Ricra, Audience Development Coordinator

Enthusiast of spreadsheets and numbers. Always looking at the creative side of data.


Sheri Butts, Marketing Manager

Holistic marketer dedicated to bringing big-picture thinking, clear communication, and a human touch to every aspect of the professional process.


Melanie Kinney, Digital Media Design Specialist

Grew up on a beach, moved to a city. Addictions: tea, organization and the New Jersey Devils. In love with digital design and coding. Motto: Keep learning.


John Genzo, Creative Director

Design connoisseur with a passion for data visualization and fine art. Likes: Long bike rides, brewing beer, Jersey shore.


Gina Lipere, Associate Graphic Designer

Follower of the flat design movement with a journey to find the perfect color palette. Believes every design element deserves a little love, even Comic Sans.


Evan Cannarozzi, Digital Designer

Digital Designer with no limit to expanding his knowledge in the creative world. As much as you think you know, there is always more to learn.