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Contentstack Aims To Streamline Content Editing For Improved Productivity

Contentstack is an omnichannel content experience platform that is designed to help streamline the content editing process with a user-friendly user interface (UI) that improves content management and productivity.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Contentstack is designed to help brands bring omnichannel content, digital experiences and personalization to life. The platform’s simplified UI allows both experts and novices to create and discover new content, boosting productivity and increasing the rate at which new content is created and shared.

The platform’s capabilities include:

  • More space in templates for content to allow for the creation of multiple unique content pieces at once;
  • Fewer clicks in the editorial process that streamline content creation and management;
  • Faster discovery of content, which allows users to uncover new content types to share and use; and
  • The ability to share and publish content across mobile, website and IoT channels, helping users manage their content management with real-time edits.

Who It's For

The platform is designed for both business users and developers, and it enables marketers to build pages, and create campaigns on their own, free from IT intervention.

What Makes It Special

Contentstack’s robust ecosystem includes connected APIs with best-of-breed vendors offering video, AI, social, analytics, commerce, marketing and sales and translations, among others. 


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