Avionos Launches New Offering To Help With Customer Acquisition & Retention

Published: April 12, 2022

Avionos, a company that helps design and implement marketing and commerce solutions for B2B brands, released Sample Orders for Acquisitions and Retention (SOAR) to enable marketers to offer sample orders to new and existing customers. SOAR’s goal is to help practitioners create a digital journey for an online purchase.

SOAR is designed to touch every step of the buyer’s journey from awareness, registration, browsing and ordering, engagement and repeat business. The new feature seeks to provide users with a full feedback loop of interaction data that includes information such as what customers are searching for, downloading and buying. Those insights can help B2B companies identify where and how to prioritize their digital marketing and commerce focus.

“We see it time and again: B2B companies over-engineer and overcomplicate their digital initiatives, which often causes them to stall altogether,” said Joe Harouni, Head of Avionos’ Commerce, Sales and Service practice, in a statement. “We created SOAR so that marketing, sales, service and IT can operationalize a digital strategy in weeks, prove value quickly and mature their capabilities over time. It’s a low risk, high reward business case that makes it incredibly easy to measure tangible results.”

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