eZ Systems Rebrands To Ibexa

Published: April 28, 2020

eZ Systems, a B2B digital content vendor, has relaunched with a new brand name – Ibexa, creator of the Digital Experience Platform for Business.

The rebrand comes after the company acquired newer B2B E-Commerce software and adopted a 100% partner sales model last year, increasing the size of its target market. Earlier in 2020, Ibexa also launched the third version of the eZ Platform, integrating new personalization, accelerated development, content management and site-building services into its platform.

With this recent growth and rebranding, Ibexa expanded into the UK, Polish and Spanish B2B spaces, aiming to expand their clientele and marketing power under the new brand identity. Ibexa also plans to adopt more business and sales strategies for its clients, bringing them all under a new, unified platform.

“Our technology – a unified single platform – not only enables companies to deliver a better customer experience faster, it also boosts agility and flexibility via integration with their existing business systems,” said Betrand Maugain, Co-CEO of Ibexa, in a statement. “Our goal is to enable B2B businesses to achieve their digital transformation faster and as cost-efficiently as possible, positively impacting how businesses do business with other businesses.”

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