Full Circle Insights Launches ABM Metrics Solution

Published: September 20, 2022

Full Circle Insights debuted Full Circle ABM, a martech solution designed to help B2B marketers track account engagement from both digital and non-digital campaigns within an account funnel.

Full Circle ABM seeks to help users leverage data from intent providers like 6sense, Bombora and Demandbase, which flag accounts showing interest in buying a B2B product or service. Additionally, the new offering tracks and measures the buyer’s journey from the initial click on a company’s web properties to a closed sale. The new solution works with all Full Circle marketing analytics products, which include Campaign Attribution, Digital Source Tracker, Funnel Metrics and Matchmaker.

Full Circle ABM is a CRM-native product that enables users to:

  • Access the Full Circle Method ABM Dashboards, a set of reports and charts organized into four dashboards;
  • Define and track an account funnel separate from the standard person-based funnel;
  • Track target accounts through intent, engagement with marketing content and progress toward becoming sales opportunities and customers;
  • Compare marketing impact on accounts for current time periods versus previous time periods; and
  • Monitor activity from defined members of a buying group.

“B2B marketers are moving to ABM because it not only reflects the reality that business customers make purchases with groups of buyers at accounts, but also by focusing on accounts, it’s much easier to coordinate and align with sales,” said Bonnie Crater, President and CEO of Full Circle Insights, in a statement. “Until now, there wasn’t a CRM-native application that addressed the challenges of measuring ABM campaigns and their impact on pipeline and revenue. That’s why we’re introducing Full Circle ABM.” 

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