Integrates With HubSpot To Increase Product Functionality

Published: October 29, 2021, a partnership management platform, partnered with HubSpot and is now listed in the HubSpot App Marketplace. The collaboration seeks to help HubSpot users quickly launch a partnership program and track and attribute each partner’s value as leads travel through the sales funnel.

HubSpot users can now uncover how partner touchpoints are interacting with other channels, discover new partners and automate payouts tied to smart, electronic contracts that only pay when a partner drives tangible business results. Additional functions include:

  • Access to a resources section that contains training and enablement material, such as one sheets and case studies;
  • The ability to schedule newsletters and distribute to all partners at once or specific partner base segments;
  • Enhanced reporting functionality with the “Funnel by Partner” report that shows how often each partner’s referred leads progress to each stage of the sales funnel; and
  • Navigation of educational and enablement courses created in LearnUpon, a learning management system integrated with

“As the B2B SaaS market becomes more competitive, companies need ways to cut through the noise and expand their user base as quickly as possible,” said David A. Yovanno, CEO at, in a statement. “Partnerships are critical to growth, but many B2B companies don’t know how to get started. With the trends toward open architecture and interoperability, we encourage SaaS companies large and small to find and integrate with complementary businesses that cater to a similar demographic, especially when doing so also creates a better customer experience. Partnerships that just make sense and create value for the consumer always win, and we’re seeing a lot of success stories like this on the platform.”

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