LookBookHQ Is Now PathFactory; Launches Content Insight And Activation Engine

Published: May 8, 2018

LookBookHQ, a content activation platform for B2B marketers, has released PathFactory, a new content insights and activation platform. In coordination with the new release, the company has also rebranded to PathFactory.

Unveiled at the SiriusDecisions Summit in Las Vegas, PathFactory aims to provide insights into the impact of content on the buyer journey and help marketers optimize content to grow ROI. The platform is designed to connect engagement data with external data on visitors and accounts. It is positioned to then use artificial intelligence to analyze the data and create a comprehensive view of how content influences pipeline and revenue.

“We’ve always been able to tell marketers how visitors are engaging with content — that’s been our game,” said Elle Woulfe, VP of Marketing at PathFactory, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “We’re now able to provide far more context around whether or not that [engagement] was valuable, what stage of the funnel that buyer was in, whether they are in a current opportunity, what account they’re in and much more. What we’re announcing is a much more robust way to make this insight and activation smarter, more meaningful and powerful for both the buyer and the marketer.”

The platform is also designed to activate content and automate delivery across channels, so potential buyers are presented with relevant information at the right time. The company said it aims to generate customized content recommendations — similar to Netflix and Amazon — but for the B2B marketing space.

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“In our B2C lives, that’s the expectation we have, that our needs and preferences will be met,” said Woulfe. “B2B marketing doesn’t work that way. The way that we distribute content, we push it out all there. We hope people will find it. We don’t collect tons of data about how people consume information and we don’t use that to then recommend the next thing that they should consume. So, we stretch out the buyer’s journey, we make it really hard for people to find the information they need. It shouldn’t be so difficult. Content activation is the opposite of that. It’s about collecting tons of data about how people are consuming information, what they’re interested in, how much time they spent with stuff, and using all that data to then say, ‘Hey, the last time you were here, you spent this much time consuming this particular piece of content, so I’m going to recommend you look at this.’”


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