Qstream Aims To Deliver Consistent Coaching Experiences With Addition Of Video

Published: January 16, 2018

1qstreamQstream is designed to help salespeople by combining performance insights, coaching support and skills reinforcement in one convenient mobile app. Qstream recently added Video Coaching to its Coaching Hub, which aims to enable more consistent and meaningful coaching experiences.


The tool positions users to continuously learn and train by responding to a series of scenario-based Q&A challenges pushed to their mobile device every few days. Users can instantly see whether their answer choices are correct — and why — strengthening skills and knowledge of products, competitive responses and sales processes without disrupting valuable selling time.

A combination of gamification, reputation and social mechanics promote strong user engagement, while Qstream’s analytics engine synthesizes data points from aggregate responses to provide predictive, real-time insights to sales management — including targeted coaching opportunities and confidence indicators.


The Qstream platform is used by hundreds of leading brands in life sciences, technology, financial services, manufacturing and healthcare. It is also supported by a network of more than 50 global partners. The solution is designed for innovators in sales leadership, sales enablement, sales operations and learning and development.

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Via data export and the Qstream API, Qstream results can be exchanged and correlated with almost any enterprise system, including LMS, CRM and third-party BI tools. With Qstream’s direct integration to Salesforce.com and Veeva CRM, managers can instantly identify links between sales competencies and the KPIs used to manage their business. Supplementing forecast, pipeline and other CRM data with relevant proficiency and engagement scores from Qstream gives sales leaders a predictive, real-time view of sales performance by individual, team or region.


Qstream is a SaaS application offered on an annual or multi-year subscription basis. Pricing includes complete Qstream functionality, as well as multiple package options for professional services and support. Available in 18 languages, Qstream runs in any iOS, Android or Windows desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile environment via Qstream’s native app, Web mail or from within Salesforce.com Sales Cloud.


Qstream is used by 14 of the top 15 pharmaceutical firms, 7 of the top 10 medical device companies, 18% of the world’s top tech companies (by revenue), 22% of the top 50 financial services firms and a growing network of industry solution partners.


Qstream is designed for the way enterprise sales teams work, requiring just minutes a day without disrupting selling time.

The next-generation analytics instantly and continuously synthesize millions of data points into real-time sales fluency “heat maps” and targeted coaching actions that engage and inform sales management about the capabilities of their reps.



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